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Ukrainedate review


What is Ukrainedate?

This is one of those all-time dating players that has been dominating in the dating niche for years. If you ever wondered what was the precursor of Tinder, then we’d gladly point at Ukrainedate - it’s where online dating was beginning. As the web dating service held by the Cupid Media, Ukrainedate is one of the many regional websites that the company manages and makes hundreds of lonely hearts less worried, and left-out of romantic relationships. The main idea behind is that they offer the best, Eastern European girls who want to meet decent, honest men from other parts of the world. Does this simple formula work or not, let’s find out together in our review of that is the main website.

The website accents on three main reasons to choose the service of Ukrainedate compared to other alternative services. What they say is:

- They have fulfilled thousands of missions to join singles of both sexes from American to Europe. Women all over the world choose this service to get friendships, relationships, and even marriage.

- One of 30+ services that currently exist in Cupid Media network meaning the same level of quality as on other sites of the dating provider. Login and commit your life to the person who waits for you on the beyond the side of the screen.

- Become one of the members of the services who can share the success story about meeting the soulmate you’ve been searching for so long. The service is a fun, safe and entertaining dating experience. Nothing else than that.

Well, that's what the official website says. But we have to look closer to understand what advantages and disadvantages the service has for the precise review.


Advantages and Disadvantages of

Among the advantages that UkraineDate uses, are that every payment model is transparent and pretty fair. You can meet several subscription plans when registering on the They have either standard, gold, or platinum plans. The standard plan is the free option that means to money charging at every step when using the service, at least that was what we thought. Of course, you’re not enjoying all those sweet extras, so you’re left with basic matching, sending hand waves, and talking to only with people who are using other subscription plans. This dating could be so much better in 2019, but profits dictate everything these days.

Well, here is the first disadvantage of the Ukrainedate. They want you to be limited with the standard plan as soon as possible because the number of users you’re able to contact is fairly limited on the basic plan. They ask for your dollars. Oh, those greasy profit strategies are right here as you can see.

Moving next to Gold and Platinum Plans, things get interesting. We honestly do not know how Ukrainedate stands out the competition against more advanced, user-friendly alternatives like Tinder or Badoo.The service does not account that competitors offer the range of actions for free from the beginning, while owners of Cupid Media want money. You can chat with everyone who likes you instantly in Tinder. In the case of the Cupid Media product, it starts from Gold and Platinum plans.

Our verdict for UkraineDate is only satisfactory. The monetization model that they use stuck somewhere in the middle of the 2000s. Cupid Media should have a look beyond the window. Tinder-like services have already overmatched in-browser dating services. A lesson for every service out there that struggles to meet the present day in the dating segment.

What Ukranian women like on tinder?

It is believed that Ukraine has one of the most attractive women in the world. Eventually, lots of dating websites help men to find a beautiful Ukrainian girlfriend. Tinder has the best base of women from “the heart of Europe” as the app is extremely popular in the country. However, don’t be happy when you get a match: here, many women tend to swipe right and have a slight chat without any intention to meet you in real life. In this case, it may be quite saddening for a man. Nevertheless, you need to be confident to ask her out if you feel that she may be the one. The sooner you set up the date, the better your chances are.

It’s enough to look up in many Tinder reviews to ensure that the most astonishing Ukrainian ladies are here in the app. While chatting with a Ukrainian girl, it’s very important to get her interest and grab her attention. Women from Ukraine like to be engaged in an interesting conversation. Don’t use primitive flirt phrases, they will spoil the atmosphere, and she will understand that you apply them to every match on this online platform. Instead of this, be original and funny, use your creativity and imagination. That’s the way to excite a Ukrainian woman and get a chance to see her.


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