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David Ross Patient

author and long term survivor of HIV


A practical guide to planning a Peer Education or Wellness Programme First 2014
The purpose of this manual is to explain as clearly as possible, how to plan a Peer Education programme, using examples and language that can be understood by people who are not experts in planning a programme. The end goal of using this manual is ... read more

Secrets second 2014
Young adults are generally embarrassed to talk about their sexuality and their bodies. This book is a factual and respectful guide, specially for southern African teenagers, which introduces them to sexual development and health, as well as related ... read more

Positive Health 6th Edition 2013 6th Edition 2013
Positive Health is the definitive book for the layman when it comes to HIV and AIDS. The authors, David Patient and Neil Orr, are prominent and accomplished researchers and trainers in HIV and AIDS. Positive Health is a pocket book (A6) and sells ... read more

Choices: All about HIV & AIDS 2008
This book is an up-to-date layman's guide to HIV and AIDS: Comprehensive, current, and easy to understand. In the rapidly-changing world of HIV and AIDS, standard HIV/AIDS Education material has become out of date, and in some instances, inaccurate. ... read more

The Healer Inside you 2004
using PNI mind-body science to help heal your body Contains a detailed at-home therapy protocol based upon PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology) research. Forms the basis for the support group therapy protocol entrained to, and utilised by UNDP, UN GIPA, ... read more

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