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David Ross Patient

author and long term survivor of HIV



The second interview I did with FIFA. This show went out in more than 200 countries and I received emails from as far away as Fiji and Russia as a result. Here they highlight one of our programs with And Beyond at Phinda on the KZN north coast in South Africa. www.andbeyond.com ... read more


Here is a show I did for the FIFA SA documentry around the work we did for And Beyond. This was the first of several shows. www.andbeyond.com ... read more

Is HIV a choice nowadays?

If people are choosing to ignore prevention messaging, should they not be held accountable when they get infected? With the exception of babies born with HIV and people forced into sexual acts against their will, the vast majority of people are simply choosing to ignore mainstream messaging and ... read more


In this segment David Patient talks about individual responsibility and accountability when it comes to HIV infection. The vast majority of people are choosing to become infected [yes, there are exceptions] but for the most part, people choose not to listen to social communications, end up infected ... read more

possibility not probability

Seven years ago I made this Public Service Announcement for a series of PSAs Bronwyn Moore of Penga Productions and I put together, that ran for several months on DSTV. The PSAs were so successful that their run was extended to almost 4 months. In this PSA I discuss the probability of survival ... read more

Meet Germ Menace - the immune system 101

This clip is taken from our Positive Health Training DVD. It was made by Graham and Bronwyn of Penga Productions [ www.pengatv.co.za ], our partners in the production. Here, the inner workings of the immune system are explained, as well as the effects of sugar on your immune system. Meet Germ ... read more

So you're a parent who won't test for HIV?

David Patient, a man who has lived with HIV since his diagnosis in 1983, shares possible consequences of a parent or parents who refuse to test for HIV. He is candid and holds back no punches in his desire to get people to test so they can know their status and when needed, onto medication that ... read more

HIV AIDS... what Stigma? Some thoughts by David Patient

Stigma and HIV? The very fears people have around knowing their status become their reality when they DO NOT test. In this clip David Patient, one of the worlds longest documented people living with HIV unpacks the realities of NOT knowing your status and presents a counter argument in support of ... read more

Positive Living - Expressing emotions

In this public service announcement David Patient, one of the longest documented people living with HIV shares a brief yet powerful message about stress and the expression of emotions safely and learning to live with HIV/AIDS. Empowerment Concepts and Penga Productions ... read more

Empowerment Concepts

A public service announcement from a series called Positive Living done in South Africa for the local viewers. David Patient is one of the longer documented people living with HIV in the world today. He is a motivational speaker and program designer and trainer who has published many books on ... read more

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