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David Ross Patient

author and long term survivor of HIV

Published Articles

I'm buggered if I know how I'm still here, but I am...

by David Patient - 13/03/2016
Aside from today being my 55th birthday, more significantly, it's the 33rd anniversary of my AIDS diagnosis. I am one of the longest medically documented people alive today with HIV, which makes me, by default, an inspiration to many people because of my longevity.I have been asked, more times that ... read more

Reducing Stigma: Finding the Unicorn

by David Patient and Neil Orr - 10/03/2016
In a recent article regarding Prevention-With-Positives (PWP) we expressed the frustration many people working in the field feel regarding HIV-related stigma: Show me an anti-stigma program that works consistently and reliably across a range of settings, age and gender groups, across various ... read more

Not everything is related to HIV- part 2

by David Patient - 03/10/2015
I am going to assume that if you're reading this, you've read the initial article...If not, scroll down my page and you'll see it. Once again, I share my experiences with you, not to gain sympathy or attention. I do so as an opportunity to educate people. Basically my body is a mess. Years of ARV's ... read more

Not everything is HIV related-part one

by David Patient - 02/10/2015
I am getting a lot of private messages and emails from friends who are HIV+, worried that what I am going through right now is because of HIV. Let me put your minds at rest... THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIV. I have a condition called Diverticulitis. Diverticulitis happens when pouches ... read more

Critical Thinking: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

by Neil Orr and David Patient - 13/01/2015
It's time to think about how we think. That's what Critical Thinking is about. Somewhere in the back of our heads, we know that this important. Almost every SETA Unit Standard - whatever the subject - refers to critical and creative thinking somewhere at the tail-end of the description of the Unit ... read more

Go ahead, ignore your possible HIV infection and die from the consequences!

by David Patient - 01/12/2014
Let's start out with some blunt facts.Firstly, not knowing your status will not stop the disease from progressing. If you're HIV positive and ignore it, you will get sick and at some point die, if you do not get care and support. Chosen or elective ignorance will not protect you from the effects ... read more

When Faith Kills

by David Patient and Neil Orr - 24/11/2014
False Prophets Claiming to Cure HIV This article is not about religious itself. Instead, it is about those who say "If you have faith, you don't need to take your pills". It is also about why this kills people, specifically those living with HIV and those needing to take antiretroviral (ARV) ... read more

HIV Prevalence versus Incidence ... unpacking the confusion

by David Patient and Neil Orr - 25/08/2014
Every few years a national HIV study comes out and people start to speak with great concern about the prevalence and incidence rates increasing. There seems to be a lot of confusion around the difference between the two. The purpose of this article is to unpack the difference between Prevalence and ... read more

Strangers who look like me

by David Patient - 06/07/2014
When I was about 8 years old, while play fighting with my god-brother and my sister, things got a little out of hand and my God-brother, in the heat of the moment, blurted out "Well you're both adopted so you're not even a real Patient!"...Oh Mommy, Daddy, is there something you need to tell us? We ... read more

To clip or not to clip

by David Patient and Neil Orr - 05/04/2014
No doubt you have seen or heard about the massive public drive to get men circumcised? If you haven't, it's referred to as Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC), and government and numerous international agencies are either implementing it or advocating for it. Up until a few years ago, ... read more

Running on Faith

by David Patient - 06/04/2014
Ever stopped to wonder why we, in HIV prevention, have spent years teaching people about HIV, prevention and ARV's and yet people still revert to their cultural/religious/traditional beliefs? I mean there is no concrete evidence that the Ancestors exist, right? There is little evidence that ... read more

How HIV has become the least of my challenges.

by David Patient - 13/03/2013
Most folks know me as someone with a silly sense of humour, who tries to find the funny side of things. Well today, I am going out on a limb, and sharing the side people seldom see. Today I am going to be vulnerable and share what many of you don't know. I guess the real pisser about having lived ... read more

What (and why) do we Teach our Children about Sex?

by David Patient and Neil Orr - 05/03/2014
'Clueless and Proud of It': What (and why) do we Teach our Children about Sex?If you are a young girl living in South Africa and you are 12 years or older, you can legally request an abortion (without giving a reason), obtain contraception at government clinics, and have an HIV test. And no, you ... read more

My life as an international drug smuggler...

by David Patient - 15/02/2014
Extracts from ‘A Difficult Patient’ I have been accused of many things in my journey thru HIV and most of it is untrue. I was branded by the SA AIDS Mafia/AIDS INC as a denialist; as anti-ARV's and only pro Nutrition. Yet these very same people who were accusing me of all of this were ... read more

Prevention with Positives (PWP): Does it Work?

by David Patient and Neil Orr - 03/01/2014
Prevention with Positives (PWP) has been the buzz term for quite some time in HIV prevention strategies. The concept is simple: Identify those living with HIV, and focus prevention efforts upon these people. After all, if you can get people who live with HIV to implement prevention methods, you ... read more

Look Before You Leap - Ten Conditions for Successfully Motivating For Change

by Various publications - 01/01/2013
Introduction: It may be a true that change is inevitable. However, this does not mean that those who motivate people to change - change agents - have the insight and skill to direct and manage such change in an efficient, timely, and compassionate manner. Often, well-meaning motivation-for-change ... read more

The road to hell is littered with good Samaritans

by David Patient - 26/09/2013
 The road to hell is littered with good Samaritans  (or how NOT to roll out a community intervention)  All too often in community based programs, those driving them make fatal calls, with the best intentions, without thinking it through and looking at the long term implications of ... read more

Circles only have one side....the decline of my immune system

by David Patient - 24/01/2013
Almost 30 years ago (13th March 1983), give or take a few weeks, my CD4 count was around the 362 , which is at the lower end of a 'normal' when it comes to CD4 counts and an indication that something was seriously wrong as for a man of 22 at the time, my CD4 count should have been around the ... read more

MassMart CSI Ambassador

by David Patient - 12/09/2012
In early 2011, we were approached by the MassBuild Group of companies, a division of Massmart, to become Corporate Social Investment Ambassadors, on behalf of the company. MassBuild committed 1% of its gross yearly turn over to community programs focused on Youth, Education and Health and they ... read more

Viral load reduction and Primary HIV infection: The new frontiers of reducing HIV transmission?

by David Patient -
Introduction: There is a radical change of understanding - and thus methodology - that is occurring in the field of HIV transmission reduction, popularly termed HIV prevention. Essentially, transmission-reduction methods based upon a new paradigm - the biology of transmission - are replacing ... read more

What Long Term Survivors can teach the rest of the HIV infected populations?

by David Patient -
There is a small group of people, like myself, who have, despite medical wisdom, defied the norms of HIV AIDS. In my own example, I was given six months to live and 18 years later, I am healthier than when I was diagnosed. Now many people fall into the trap of 'oh well, he must be special or have ... read more

Ten Conditions for Successfully Motivating for Change

by Neil Orr and David Patient - September 2009
Look before you leap: Ten Conditions for Successfully Motivating for Change By Neil M. Orr (MA) and David R. Patient (MHT)September 2009Introduction It may be a true that change is inevitable. However, this does not mean that those who motivate people to change - change agents - have the insight ... read more

Empowerment Ethics

by David Patient -
What are the ethics of empowerment? Here are a few that we have found to be effective for us, as they protect the dignity and choice of those we seek to empower. This implies that our primary ethic is: EMPOWERMENT ETHIC 1: SEEK TO INCREASE CONSCIOUS CHOICE We believe that the only way we can truly ... read more

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